Mindfulness Training That is Targeted and Relevant

If you’ve ever sat through a training program where half the material wasn’t relevant to you, you’ll probably know how little you picked up and actually put into practice. A lot of information that you are exposed to stays buried in a notes folder – or is left behind the moment you walk out the door.

At Mindful Life Consulting we can ensure that your concerns and needs, and those of your group or organization are heard and acknowledged – prior to, during and following training delivery.

Because, when our training addresses your concerns – in language you understand-then you are highly likely to use the mindfulness skills you learn to respond effectively and grow positively, to meet the challenges you face.

Co-Design – Working With You to Design Relevant Mindfulness Training

At Mindful Life Consulting we work with you to find out what is needed, through our Co-Design process. Co-Design involves three steps:

  1. Discover
  2. Design
  3. Deliver

Step 1: Discover

The Discover Survey takes a “snapshot” of individuals’ concerns and stresses prior to the design and delivery of workshop(s), coaching and/or online materials.

This allows us to see your group or organization as comprised of individuals’ with particular concerns. This clarity of understanding can:

    • Provide new insights into the issues affecting the well-being of group members or staff;
    • Help assess whether the support processes currently in place are meeting their needs;
    • Determine which existing mindfulness training is the best investment for your organization;
    • Or clarify whether the Co-Design option would be more effective for your organization.

Step 2: Design

At the Design step, we will further analyse and consult with you to identify:

      • What material should be delivered
      • Whether we can identify could groups of individuals who share a similar:
        1. Challenge e.g. unable to switch off at night, relationship issues, anger, sleep, anxiety
        2. Situation e.g. senior management may have clearly identifiable stressors and issues that differ from service staff
        3. Personal Transition Stage – readiness for change related to personal issues
      • Which format will work best to meet the range of concerns e.g. coaching, workshop, online course, short introduction

We can then work with you and your team to decide the material and format that best meets the needs of potential attendees and your – or your organization’s – goals.

Step 3: Deliver

The Deliver step has three stages:

  • Pre-course communication
  • Course delivery
  • Post-course follow-up

The Discover snapshot provides information that allows us to connect meaningfully individual concerns prior, to during, and after resource delivery. Attendees are warmed to the content through prior information, are prepared to fully engage when training is delivered, and can be offered the relevant follow-up support as needed.

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