To share and to navigate life’s challenges through therapy is a courageous and frequently transformative act. I see those I work with as fundamentally well, and as experts on their own lives. My intention is to walk beside you, as you recover or discover the resources to heal, to live in your valued direction, and to achieve your goals.

Mindfulness based and psychodynamic therapies that increase awareness, insight, and the capacity to respond to life with creativity and kindness are integral to my work. Respectful and sensitive, I can support your journey through life transitions such as stress, anxiety, depression, illness and grief. I can assist you in identifying and challenging emotional habitual patterns that may be limiting your freedom to live an authentic, loving and purposeful life.

I work with individuals and couples, in person and online, and offer a free 15-30 minute consultation prior to beginning our work.

Lila O’Farrell B.A. (Pyschology); M.A. (Counselling Psychology); M.Div (Contemplative Interfaith Theology)


Clinical Supervision

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes,” Marcel Proust

Supervision brings the power of your vision and mine to the careful consideration and celebration of your work.

With three decades working within health, social service and tertiary education systems, I bring a broad range of experiences and perspectives to the supervision relationship. This experience enables me to work with a range of professionals; from management to frontline staff, with teams, individual practitioners, and across disciplines.

I draw upon primarily upon humanistic, mindfulness based, and positive psychology modalities to assist you to fulfil your passion and purpose in vocational life.

I offer a free 15-30 minute consultation to discuss the ways in which supervisory relationship may serve you.

Lila O’Farrell B.A. (Pyschology); M.A. (Counselling Psychology); M.Div (Contemplative Interfaith Theology)



Mindfulness Based Coaching occupies the middle path between traditional coaching, and therapy or counselling.

Awareness and Insight

In Mindfulness Based Coaching there is an emphasis on personal and interpersonal awareness and insight. You evolve a deeper understanding of both your cognitive and emotional worlds. You learn unique ways to work with your thoughts and emotions that open up new levels of calmness and effectiveness in your life and relationships.


The mindfulness skills you develop have relevance for effectiveness in your roles within organization or corporate environments. These skills can be utilized for collaboration, developing others, change leadership, diversity management, social intelligence, and communication. You will be able to work with the challenges of self-development and stressful circumstances with authenticity and clarity.


In Mindfulness Based Coaching you learn how to use mindfulness practices to enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.