A Taste of Mindfulness

Ideal for workplace settings: managers, teams, community groups and organisations, or for a group of interested friends,A Taste of Mindfulness offers an experiential introduction to the core elements of mindfulness meditation practice and mindfulness for daily life.

At work, at home, in leading others, and in community, A Taste of Mindfulness will assist you to:

  1. Reduce stress, and promote greater work/life balance;
  2. Increase work performance and satisfaction;
  3. Improve focus, attention, critical and analytical thinking skills;
  4. Increase insight, resilience and response-ability;
  5. Develop greater emotional intelligence:
  6. Communicate with empathy and clarity, and
  7. Reduce compassion fatigue.



We can consult with you to discuss the particular requirements of your group or organisation. For example, this seminar can be adapted for a half day, full day, or longer experiential introduction, e.g. a weekend retreat. A Taste of Mindfulness serves as an excellent preface to an organisational planning day, and to our 8 or 6 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa programmes.

We introduce mindfulness as a natural human capacity, as meditation practice, and an holistic way of being, and caring for ourselves and others. We link mindfulness practice with powerful teachings from humanistic and cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and neuroscience. A Taste of Mindfulness is offered with cultural sensitivity and respectful, collective inquiry.

Each participant receives a CD or MP3 of guided meditations and instructions for at home practice.
Instruction is offered in:

  1. Calm Abiding Meditation
  2. Body Awareness Meditation
  3. Walking Meditation
  4. Compassion Practices for self and others
  5. Gentle Yoga



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