Mindfulness Based Programs Based on Evidence and Experience

Mindfulness is a zeitgeist of modern culture and psychology, with teachings and programmes proliferating like fast food chains. Sadly, “Mc-mindfulness” offerings can be superficial, mis-informed and taught by individuals without a stable practice of mindfulness meditation, who may lack the capacity to guide participants in their practice, or in seeking further knowledge and resources.

Mindful Life Consulting offers mindfulness meditation based programmes (MBPs) that are evidence informed. Our courses skilfully integrate the ancient wisdom of mindfulness meditation with teachings from psychology, neuroscience and medicine. They are secular, based in scientific research findings, and realistically inform of both the benefits and limitations of secular mindfulness practice. People of diverse cultures and beliefs have shared that they have benefited from this integration.

Please select from the links below to learn more about our courses and mindfulness educators, Lila O’Farrell and Kerry Atma:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

A Taste of Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa (M&AA)

Therapy and Supervision

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