Can we use meditation to build greater compassion and kindness in our world? The brief answer is yes. Richard Davidson took brain scans of experienced yoginis and yogis, and beginners doing a loving kindness meditation, where they were exposed to sounds of people suffering. The neural circuits for tuning into another person’s distress were more strongly activated in yoginis and yogis, compared with beginners. For experienced meditators there was an upping of action in neural circuitry typically involved in sensing another’s mental state or taking their perspective, and recognizing that person’s distress needed attention. Also, the brain’s motor areas of the yoginis and yogis had a leap in activity, indicating that they were primed to take immediate action to help – even while laying in a brain scanner. See p.237 Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body – Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson

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