Mindfulness Training Designed for You

Lila O’Farrell and Kerry Atma are partners in Mindful Life Consulting. We bring decades of expertise to the delivery and design of affordable mindfulness based training workshops, and services to meet your specific needs, or those of your group or organization.

Select from the evidence informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa (MAA), or Taste of Mindfulness programs. Gain greater self awareness and clarity through engaging in individual, mindfulness based therapy, coaching, or clinical supervision.

Or engage a FREE, brief, no-obligation Discover Survey or phone consultation to identify your key concerns.

Together, we can then co-design the ideal mindfulness based training or strategy for your goals and budget.

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MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program consists of one 2.5 hour evening class for 8 weeks, plus a one (weekend) day retreat. MBSR was developed in 1979 by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, U.S.A., and has been attended by more than 30,000 people worldwide.

A large body of research suggests this gold standard program can help you to:

  • Enhance your ability to respond to life and work with presence and potency…
  • Conquer habitual patterns of reactivity, rumination and distraction…
  • Improve relationships and communications, empathy and compassion…
  • Increase quality of life and work/life balance…
  • Sleep better, boost your focus, productivity, and decision making ability…
  • Manage pain and symptoms of chronic illness…
  • Help prevent recurring anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours.



A Taste of Mindfulness

This course is an ideal introduction to Mindfulness. A Taste of Mindfulness offers the options of a half-day or whole day workshop – or a weekend retreat.You will experience the core elements of mindfulness meditation and practice to help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your ability to focus
  • Calm your mind and body
  • Communicate with empathy and clarity
  • Reduce compassion fatigue

A Taste of Mindfulness offers options for 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day workshops or a 1 hour introductory presentation.

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Mindfulness & Awareness Aotearoa

Based on MBSR, Lila O’Farrell designed this course for Auckland’s largest private primary health care provider.  It has been attended by doctors, nurses and 1000’s of people from many ethnic, professional and educational backgrounds.  This course will assist you to:

  • Reduce stress at home and work
  • Manage emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and grief
  • Cultivate inner peace for body and mind
  • Cope with symptoms of chronic pain and illness
  • Cultivate inner peace for body and mind
  • Savour life with renewed purpose and passion

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Mindfulness Based Therapy, Coaching & Supervision

Sometimes we need greater self awareness and clarity to make sense of our thoughts, feelings, choices and relationship to life. We bring decades of clinical experience to the delivery of mindfulness based therapies, coaching and supervision, and offer a free telephone consultation to help you discern the best approach.
We offer:

  • Mindfulness based therapy
  • One-on-one & small group coaching
  • Supervision

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